Bikers Have Big...Hearts!

Santa briefs Toy Run Participants
I was reminded on Saturday during our annual Toy Run that bikers have big hearts and despite their sometimes-rough appearance, they are good people.  It’s sad that society as a whole tends to judge people by the way they look and dress.  Based on my experience (limited as it may be), I find those who ride are some of the kindest most generous people I know.  Even the toughest motorcycle clubs and 1%’ers give back to their communities by helping raise funds for all types of charitable causes.  Less than two-weeks ago a group of Hell’s Angels members waited in line 5 days to buy bikes on Black Friday to give to needy kids in Fresno, California…proving even the baddest aren’t always bad.

Loaded and Ready to Go
I’m encouraged when I see a group of bikers working together for a good cause…like the annual Toy Run.  Saturday was cold and it looked like the sky could open-up any minute, but almost 60 braved the weather to participate.  On the road, the group stretched out for more than a ¼ mile as Santa led the way to three pick-up points in the New Braunfels/Canyon Lake area.  Even though the weather wasn’t the best, everyone was in good spirits and eagerly gathered toys then bungee’d them to their bikes and stuffed them into saddlebags and tour-paks.  Once the bikes were loaded, the overflow was packed into a cargo trailer. It didn’t matter if you rode a Honda, a Harley, or a Spyder…everyone worked together knowing they were doing something good. The toys and money collected will be distributed through the local Sherriff’s office and will hopefully brighten more than a few faces this Christmas. This holiday season and throughout the year, I will always be thankful that bikers have big hearts! 
Do you have a story about big-hearted bikers?  If so, please share it.  With all the craziness going on in the world, it’s nice to celebrate the positive.   Until next time -- Live Free. Ride Hard. Be Happy!


  1. Yes, they are generous. It is good to give a little back. Sure it can shock society, but after all these years of giving you wouldn't think it would.

    We are trying to figure out how to organize a pet food run for the local shelters like they do in the UK. Toy runs always seem to be a given and are done in so many cities, but the shelter pets get forgotten.

  2. Brandy,

    Your'e right toy runs are generally a given. I think it's a great idea to do something for pets. I know the Greune Harley Dealership sometimes teams up with the local humane society to raise money for the shelter. You could probably find a local dealership of your choice to team with. Good luck with your pet food run!

    Have a Merry Christmas!


  3. I have to agree! Merry Christmas Curt! Smooches!!

  4. Totally agree, we luckly had great weather and close to 1000 bikes for the Annual High Country Toy Run this year! They got enough toys to not only do some in CO. Springs but also Ft. Carson, and many of the poorer farming area's out east of the Springs too! The local Country Western Night Club (Cowboys), put up a steak or chicken lunch and ALL the funds were given to the Marines Toys For Tot's to buy even more toys! Charity seems to be one of the "means" to get all bikers and riders together! :)

  5. You had asked to be added to my list of motorcycle blogs a while back. I only saw it now but you in it now. Here's the link: http://allmotorcycleblogs.blogspot.com/